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Aug 29

Everything Everything - Cough Cough

Manchester’s Everything Everything surprised friend and foe with their debut album Man Alive exactly two years (plus two days) ago.
Their unique and infectious bold indie elektro sound might have something to do with two band-members having degrees in music theory. Nonetheless, Everything Everything is one of the bands I’m always more than happy to listen to.

The lads are due to release their long-awaited sophomore album Arc in January of next year.

First single from that album is Cough Cough (what’s the deal with naming stuff twice twice?).
It sounds a bit like the video below. Oh wait, it’s the official video for Cough Cough. Sorry… cough cough…

The new single Cough Cough from Everything Everything is released on the 14th October 2012 through RCA Victor.
For more information on Everything Everything and to see where you can pre-order the album, please visit their Facebook page, follow Everything Everything on Twitter or go old school and just head over to their website.

Aug 24

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Only In My Dreams

It’s back to early 90’s video quality and graphics when it comes to Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti video for latest single Only In My Dreams.
Coming from the recently released album Mature Themes, this single would have been one of our favorite tracks of the summer… Only if we would have had a summer here in London…

Indulge yourself in this splendid track and retro video as the start of your weekend! Speakers on full and annoy the hell out of your neighbors and colleagues! Although I think that they’ll not really mind..

For more information on Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, head over to their Facebook page where you’ll be able to find links to where you can get your hands on the latest record as well!

Blood Red Shoes - In Time To Voices

When I first saw Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes play at Metropolis (one of the best, if not the best free festival in Holland) in 2008, just after the release of their début album Box Of Secrets, their powerful sound blew me away. Positively of course! However, I kind of lost track of the band ever since.
Four years and two albums later, the band released their third studio album In Time To Voices at the end of March, I kind of got reintroduced to Blood Red Shoes.
With loud first single Cold that preceded the album release in March, now it’s time for the title track In Time To Voices to stir up the rankings.

The stylish video had a nice little nudge to the band’s name. As you will see towards the end of the video.
Be warned, do not try to stare at it too long, as you might not want to finish your lunch today!

In Time To Voices will be finding its way to a shop near you early next week!
For more information on Blood Red Shoeshead over to their Facebook page!

Aug 15

Spector - Enjoy It While It Lasts

Verdict: /5

Track list:
True Love (For Now)
Chevy Thunder
Grey Shirt & Tie
Twenty Nothing
Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End
Lay Low
Upset Boulevard
No Adventure
What You Wanted
Grim Reefer
Never Fade Away

Aug 14

Feeder - Idaho

Idaho, Feeder’s latest single from the Generation Freakshow album, is due for release on August 27th on shocking punk pink colored vinyl featuring Stay If You Want To on the b-side.

The video shows Grant and Taka overseeing actor Danny Mays trying his luck on a bull.
Don’t expect an mind-boggling visual experience of the vid, as it’s just a decent slow motion clip of a bloke wanting to conquer the mechanic beast in order to win tickets to go to the States…

You can pre-order Idaho on iTunes and Amazon.
However, if you want the limited pink vinyl single, head over to Feeder’s Webshop to ensure you have a copy landing on your doormat in two weeks from now…

Otherwise you have to cross your fingers and hope we’ll be giving one away on our Facebook page…

Aug 13

FSM Favorite : Super 8 Cynics

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted about Super 8 Cynics, a 4-piece from Manchester. In January, we’ve posted the video for Doing What I’ve Always Done. Luckily, the guys are back with ‘new’ material. They’ve released their new single Bitter Heart (a cover of Ricky Gervais’ 1983 Seona Dancing) last week, so time for us to put the lads in the spotlight! (Which is practically impossible on a website, but you get the drill right?)

Have a listen to their cover of comedian and 80’s synth-pop hunk Ricky Gervais’ Seona Dancing Bitter Heart. Okay, I admit… He’s not really a comedian…

As posted on Super 8 Cynics’ Facebook page, the story they’d love to tell is as followed:

If it all goes wrong can we say that Ady was actually the guy inside the Alf suit, from the seminally turgid TV show. He decided to cover Bitter Heart after a chance encounter with the guy from Police Academy who makes all the silly noises in a New York bar, whilst Ady was on his honeymoon. Ady put 10c in a jukebox and sat down next to Linz and the Police Academy guy, who smiled a heartening smile to Ady. The Police Academy guy then did an awesome beatbox version of Bitter Heart, projecting his voice so it appeared to be coming from the Jukebox. Linz then said to Ady “Och! Ya should form a wee pop band and cover this Ady!” Police Academy guy then walked out of the bar, his job was finished.

Much better than your average Press Release right? If your ears approved the sound and your brain decided that you like the music, why not buy the single Bitter Heart on iTunes.

Bordeauxxx - The Beach Girls and the Monster

Bordeauxxx, a London/Guildford 5-piece making noisy pop songs, are awaiting the release of their mini-album (or 7-track EP, depends on how strict your guidelines for music releases are) Only Fiction on September 24th. You can pre-order the EP by clicking anywhere in this sentence (lazy and ugly, I know, I apologize…).

You can listen and download to Bordeauxxx’s track The Beach Girls and the Monster via the Bandcamp player below.

If you like what you’ve heard, head over to their Facebook page and spare them one of your precious ‘Likes’. They’d like you for liking them. The world is an easy place isn’t it?

Aug 10

FSM Favorite : Zen Arcade

Zen Arcade, named after their rehearsal studios (which got its name from Hüsker Dü’s sophomore 1984 album), are a Hackney four-piece influenced by bands like Talking Head, XTC and American funny band Cake.
Formed at Stoke Newington’s Arts and Media School, Zen Arcade’s musical influences are varied and with a collective writing partnership.

Take for example their track The Get Up, which you can listen to and download via the player below.

Awaiting the release of an EP (hopefully) later this year, the lads recently released a video for their single In Emerald. Have a look; it’s a good track and a ditto video!

As the next in line of FSM Favorites, we’ll keep a close eye on the developments of Zen Arcade and bringing you the latest news!
For more information on Zen Arcade, you might want to have a look at their Facebook page thingy!

Aug 06

Biffy Clyro - Stingin’ Belle

Scottish pride Biffy Clyro are due to release their sixth studio album, titled Opposites, later this year. While they are still recording the album in a studio somewhere in LA at the moment, they decided to give us a first taste of what to expect. Will the album outperform Only Revolutions? We have no idea about that yet, it’ll be a difficult task seeing the massive appreciation of that album… We know for sure that the first single Stingin’ Belle will see the light on September 17th.

Raw Stingin’ Belle is louder and heavier than the previous singles from the Kilmarnock trio’s smashing album Only Revolutions. Don’t be too scared of the loud intro, or the bagpipes at the end of the track…
The video is features trendy retro footage of some of the lads’ previous gigs and tours.

For more information on Biffy Clyro or the upcoming album, head over to their website. Or just bookmark us, and we’ll tell you as well, promise!

Jul 31

Haim - Forever EP

The three Haim sisters are without a doubt one of the hottest acts around.
With the release of their début EP Forever on limited 10” selling out rather fast (last week, a copy sold on eBay for $60), the decision was made to have a quick repress of this much wanted frisbee.

So, what is this sudden hype all about? Well, as one of our fellow writers would notice whoo… three gorgeous sisters, I like it! What kinda music do they make actually?. Well, there’s more than just what meets the eye as the sisters make a mix often described as Fleetwood Mac with a pinch of the girls’ youth influence TLC and Destiny’s Child… I have to admit that I am far from an expert when it comes to 90’s female R&B acts, so, lets just forget that point okay? Well, right, let’s kick off then!

The EP opens with Better Off with the lovely a capella ‘I Never Wanna See You Again’ before the drum kicks in and a careful guitar layer complements the track into its chorus. And this is what the buzz is all about:. A delicate mix of sweet vocals, energetic yet calm and cool drum-sounds and neatfully placed guitar melodies… Delightful!

The same recipe was used for the title track Forever. Difficult to choose my favorite track on the album, but if you’d really force me into an answer, it would be this one… Yes, I love this song, I admit it!
The pace goes up in this track; little harmonies and another mesmerizing guitar layer with a catchy chorus make this a true gem on the EP.

Slow second to last track with the logical title Go Slow demonstrates the girls’ talent in this track with he-he-he-he-he-he harmonics (sorry, had to describe it like that) and off beat drums.

The EP ends, unfortunately, with a remix of the title track. Unfortunately yes.
Unnecessary, as the EP would be much better off without the four minute remix. Sorry Dan, nothing personal!

Verdict: 4/5
Despite the rather useless remix on the end of the EP, Forever EP by the three Haim sisters is a collection of three very very very good tracks. Balancing between genres without trying to create or recreate anything disturbingly new, Forever is one of the best releases of the last couple of months for sure!
And as it’s a well-known tradition with strong début EP’s, lets now wait for the début album before we really judge the girls’ music!

You can buy the limited 10” on National Anthem’s website and you can download the digital version via the lovely *uhum* iTunes and Amazon.

Track list:
Better Off
Go Slow
Forever - Dan Lissvik Remix